Softback, hardback or e-book

I miss the printed page, the unmistakable creak as a hardback book opens for the first time. It is tangible as you slide your palms against the hills and valleys of its rigid cover and spine. There is something about a solid physical book that can’t compare to electronic books today. The hardback book could be put away with all the other literary masterworks on your bookshelf to proudly display. Unlike e-books I could take one book or another out of the shelf and instantly be taken back to a time that I just purchased that book, memories instantly flooding back even before the book is opened. You can find first editions or a gilded edged literary masterpiece like Frankenstein, the works of Poe or Dracula and handed down from generation to generation unlike e-books.
My first experience with electronics had me sick with disappointment (as I write on my blog on my laptop! I know, I know). A brother’s word processor, a step above the typewriter but worlds below the modern computer, I hen pecked feverishly every day, religiously saving my work on a 3.5 hard diskette. Between writing longhand page after page, I trusted my life’s work on a small diskette. Then the unthinkable happened, the day my trustee friend broke down, it was the worst day of my life my word processor shot craps! I frantically ran around shop after shop trying to find a technician who could fix my Beloved, but it wasn’t meant to be my hand was dealt and I lost to the computer age. Everything I type and saved gone forever no chance of retrieval my diskette formatted for a dinosaur long since extinct.

To this day I am still bitter, and have a hard time trusting e-readers that have whole collections of novels that if my e-reader broke or is virus ridden I would never be able to read those works again. But for you and techies my novel Wolf’s blood vol 1 will still be available in an e-book format as well has the traditional paperback in hardback for your reading pleasure. Thank you


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