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I shave the sides of my head so I can see my scar.
My brain bleed left me wheelchair-bound. I couldn’t walk without Assistance. Just garble muddled out of my mouth…. However my mind Raced a mile a minute uninjured unencumbered.
Now I Proudly display my huge C shaped scar on the Side of my head. It reminds me that I am alive.
& Now I can walk, talk, read & write. I can proudly display my published book like my scar.
I finally fulfilled my Life’s dream… So I Always shave my head to see my scar. A Reminder that I survived my genetic malformation…


In my rush for a Halloween release…


So it has come to our attention that about a dozen mistakes were over looked during the corrections process in my haste to secure a Halloween release I didn’t check as closely as I should have. It doesn’t take away from the story in any way, save for being distracting to the reader perhaps. If you have already purchased the book you have my sincerest apologies, and if you have not, then the mistakes will be rectified the middle of November.

Thank you for the experience to show the world of the wolf’s blood cast

I am thrilled to participate in the Blog Hop! I would like to thank a remarkable author Euphonos.
Her blog is
The author of such books as Poetry: Wings of Emotions & Poetry: Wings of emotions ll.
I would love nominate the wonderful office below to join in on the fun…
Nicole hill, Rebecca Susanne, Viv drewa & Stephen helmes





My novel is called wolf’s blood… Arrival : It is the first in a trilogy.
It is a product of fantasy of my broken mind! Although the characters have been in my mind so long I consider them family.
Set in Louisiana The story circles around Pointe Coupee and surrounding Parishes, the fictitious town of Royal Bay a real-life peninsula Raccourci Island. Part one all starts, centers and finishes in the fictitious plantation called Malstros manner.
This is a character hop is it not? So I will get on with it…

Greetings my name is Lance… Have been in this pack for so long I forgotten my surname. In fact since my introduction to the pack on the go the trappings of civilized society I’ve become foreign to me so just call me Lance. A tall, lanky, lean frame with messy fiery red hair and brown eyes though the werewolves eyes are subject to change depending on light and mood. A smart ass at times don’t take life too seriously. In truth I am lucky to be alive.I lavishing the wild and free style at lycanthrope provides but I am able to catch New release in the theaters if I want!
I heard the cries of Aticus “Ice” my leader & savior. I had to travel to the wilderness to save my leader and my friend from oblivion muttering nonsense about Alicia.

In no particular order our pack consists of Tomas is a Navajo skin Walker with raven black hair turned into a matted brown fur like dreadlocks long ago. He drives me nuts sometimes he’s oh so serious but with his accent I and help but laugh. Sometimes I call him Chief for a laugh. the albino Aztec Montezmu. Who reminds me of a white bunny his White hair and red eyes. It is so menacing and so scary. Big bad bloodthirsty God… But get him up on a roof and he is scared of heights. Oh and thunderstorms make him shake like a Chihuahua uncontrollably. The Chinese Oung & Japanese O-kami… And you keep a secret? Not PC but I can’t tell them apart! They are in a Trance like more in the day then they were walking around. Frankly they scare me & they enable Aticus addiction. There is Tonya alluring to say the least even if she has scars with the death of her son you could cut the tension with a knife when Aticus is around. I leave a wide berth when Viddarr is around. Viddarr is a wild man huge presence and owner of the wolf’s den tavern host of the blood Moon festivities. I fear all a giant front for Aticus’ bigger picture. I shudder when I think about So-seti. I know she is the second of our line as such she garners respect when she first arrived she reminded me of The rotting Old woman zombie only her torso… I know it wasn’t as serious see was only dictated below the knees but I thought it… Last but not least is Sarah the cause of all the commotion in the first place. There are host of different characters The cast of charters the mysterious Devon and the doctor as the infection spreads.
Aticus wants to avenge his lost love as he Pines for Sarah the reincarnated of Alicia herself as he plans vengeance for the human race.”

On the other side of the spectrum…
I am Capt. Thompson Rogers. Yes, yes, yes I know I’ve got two last names deal with it. I consider myself a practical man. My wife was diagnosed with cancer a spiritual man. But what my partner and I saw tested my sanity. I am here with Detective Jonathan Jenkins and his imaginary or ghost son Philip. I feel for him the death of his son by his own hands. He has spiraled out of control. Since the conflict has been focused and driven a new Man altogether. Terrell, AJ, Tosha, My beautiful daughter Hannah. We are thrust gather with The mysterious man called The hunter. Andre Clairaux friend of (nonfunctional) Jean chaste. The leaders change form at will from human to wolf or a mixture of both to suit their will. The infected run the gambit of Wolf-like hybrid four legs, hybrid wolves on two legs, an ape like monstrosity or Wolfman something that out of the movie screen. Even The recently bitten humans with no concern-able change but they are foaming at the mouth and howling at the moon running on all fours like a true Wolf when the lunacy had set on them. Maybe The Hunter is a wealth of information to fight this scourge. As a group together we might survive the growing pack.” I would go on with more but there are spoilers ahead!

This saga and my family saved me. At only thirty-two I suffered a brain bleed and like some of my characters found myself wounded and helpless. I clawed my way up from the bottom, not without many helping hands, and decided that I would realize my life’s dream. Despite my physical handicap my story sprang to life. It was a painstaking process at first, but the more I wrote (with the help of voice recognition software) the easier it was to express my ideas. My grammar and prose may not be perfect, like my main chracter, Aticus, and myself, but its driven by fate on a road to endless possibilities.

You can contact me at

The first book Wolf’s blood… Arrival available now on, and Barnes&
Come to the official release party on Facebook at
Wolf’s Blood and Barnes&


Stroke to publishing my manuscript

Genetic malformation in my brain burst almost resulting in my demise.
When I came out of my coma I was surprised to learn my entire left side of my body was limp and useless but I survived , didn’t I? To my horror however every time I spoke my words were confusing, nothing but a cornucopia of mush. A mixture of words and phrases that made no sense. Doctors, nurses, orderlies even my own family could not understand the words coming out my mouth. I could form full paragraphs in my head but what came out was a mismatch interpretation of grunts. The technical term severe aphasia… My mind, imagination and thought process fine, everything coming out of my mouth confused people. Do you have any idea what it’s like to have your head racing with ideas after idea or fully comprehend the world around you but then you speak and it all comes out shit !? So you try to write everything down with your right hand (since you were left handed all your life) you can spell out everything in your head but when you try to write everything down your mind goes blank !? my whole life even when I was a young child I wanted to be a writer and now it looks like a dream would never happen! Since you’re babbling like a baby everybody treat you like a baby. Orderlies and nurses were “inconvenienced,” aggravated by my presence . I was an otherwise healthy young man and everybody treated me like a baby blowing me off like I was forsaken and cast off hopelessly too far gone to be a use full member of society. When I got out of the hospital I was wheel chair bound. it is embarrassing I needed just help wiping my own ass! “They”give up hope they kicked me out physical therapy kicking me out because “they”said I was a slow gainer I wasn’t making enough progress to justify keeping me! I didn’t give up. The doctor said Marked improvement was up, if I was going to gain anything at all it would be in the six months when I first had my stroke. I considered it bullshit, I persevered. Got a gym membership and account on and I begin retraining myself. first comic books, graduating to graphic novels, then extremely short novellas ultimately resulting in a trilogy with part one a 616 page hardback novel. to rectify my speech impediment I purchased the Dragon program by Nuance ( speech to text )and broke out folder after folder of my written word through the ages. I mercilessly worked out in the gym until In time, I healed I got better just the limp and left hand I can only grip with.
Now, I’m getting to the point!!!my passion for writing renewed I began on this manic quest to finish my obsession the manuscript called wolf’s blood. I’m a man that doesn’t throw any written word away. Even if it’s shit…I draw inspiration from it. So my first manuscript is now my first printed book ( or E-book)out now at is (formatting problems delayed my initial 2012 publication …)
With just dictation and some tweaking therein James was spawned. A disabled young man with angst, Now a costar in the trilogy, mirroring my experiences through hell and back… Wolf’s blood… Arrival
Book One of trilogy wolves’ blood

Wolf’s Blood


Meet My Character Blog Tour: Linda & Michael

I Write About You


I am extremely happy to announce that I am participating in the Blog Hop {Blogging from the Heart Tour} for the first time and especially I would like to thank one of the amazing authors “ROBIN ROWLES” {Author of Anne and Stan’s Magical and Salt Pepper Pot Adventures} who introduced me to this exciting stuff.


Say Hello to my friend “Robin”!!!






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 Mikhail Kerrigan is another outstanding horror writer who would be participating in the Blog Tour on 20th Oct 2014.
Author’s Bio:

I dreamed I would be a writer someday, but life got in the way. A genetic malformation burst in my head (aneurysm) I almost died. It’s funny how life works sometimes; my imaginative nature never left me. Now one of the Wolf’s blood trilogy is scheduled for release…

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