Stroke to publishing my manuscript

Genetic malformation in my brain burst almost resulting in my demise.
When I came out of my coma I was surprised to learn my entire left side of my body was limp and useless but I survived , didn’t I? To my horror however every time I spoke my words were confusing, nothing but a cornucopia of mush. A mixture of words and phrases that made no sense. Doctors, nurses, orderlies even my own family could not understand the words coming out my mouth. I could form full paragraphs in my head but what came out was a mismatch interpretation of grunts. The technical term severe aphasia… My mind, imagination and thought process fine, everything coming out of my mouth confused people. Do you have any idea what it’s like to have your head racing with ideas after idea or fully comprehend the world around you but then you speak and it all comes out shit !? So you try to write everything down with your right hand (since you were left handed all your life) you can spell out everything in your head but when you try to write everything down your mind goes blank !? my whole life even when I was a young child I wanted to be a writer and now it looks like a dream would never happen! Since you’re babbling like a baby everybody treat you like a baby. Orderlies and nurses were “inconvenienced,” aggravated by my presence . I was an otherwise healthy young man and everybody treated me like a baby blowing me off like I was forsaken and cast off hopelessly too far gone to be a use full member of society. When I got out of the hospital I was wheel chair bound. it is embarrassing I needed just help wiping my own ass! “They”give up hope they kicked me out physical therapy kicking me out because “they”said I was a slow gainer I wasn’t making enough progress to justify keeping me! I didn’t give up. The doctor said Marked improvement was up, if I was going to gain anything at all it would be in the six months when I first had my stroke. I considered it bullshit, I persevered. Got a gym membership and account on and I begin retraining myself. first comic books, graduating to graphic novels, then extremely short novellas ultimately resulting in a trilogy with part one a 616 page hardback novel. to rectify my speech impediment I purchased the Dragon program by Nuance ( speech to text )and broke out folder after folder of my written word through the ages. I mercilessly worked out in the gym until In time, I healed I got better just the limp and left hand I can only grip with.
Now, I’m getting to the point!!!my passion for writing renewed I began on this manic quest to finish my obsession the manuscript called wolf’s blood. I’m a man that doesn’t throw any written word away. Even if it’s shit…I draw inspiration from it. So my first manuscript is now my first printed book ( or E-book)out now at is (formatting problems delayed my initial 2012 publication …)
With just dictation and some tweaking therein James was spawned. A disabled young man with angst, Now a costar in the trilogy, mirroring my experiences through hell and back… Wolf’s blood… Arrival
Book One of trilogy wolves’ blood

Wolf’s Blood



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