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for Nostalgia’s sake I am making this short-story in Ebook abillable at

original copy written & published in 1993 (originally written in pseudonym) originally written as an outlet for my grandmother’s death


Final Wolf’s Blood is out in select .com sites

Delve deeply into the mysteries of lycanthropy & the surrounding myths. In the epic debut of wolf’s blood… The arrival. First book in the trilogy of the Wolves’ blood saga.
Aticus, a diseased lycanthrope, returns to Louisiana where 170 years ago a conflict with a plantation owner made him lose his eye and his soul mate. He is back with a vengeance. His twisted vision of dominance has him infecting the small town of Royal Bay and surrounding parishes, amassing an army of werewolves, to get revenge on humankind. A group of survivors including another lycanthrope, a reporter, police officers and a werewolf hunter all must survive the night the moon travels closest to Earth, where with Aticus’ help the first great werewolf returns to flesh and infects the world.
WARNING: adult themes of blood, gore & some sexual situations
now in Paperback & hardback book
Soon to Come out in Ebook Format (nook & Kindle)