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The English language

500 million people use just 26 words to write down their hopes, dreams & imagination…


For those who purchased and read my book, kudos and many thanks!

For those who purchased and read my book, kudos and many thanks! For those of you that are thinking about checking out my book, I wholeheartedly urge you to read it.
The Wolves’ Blood is meant as a trilogy… If you have read Wolf’s Blood, Arrival: part one, then thank you. You have just found a1000 piece puzzle crafted out of words.

The pieces are all there and all I need is for you to put them into place. As you complete the first book, 333 pieces fall into place. A rich tapestry of story appears and you will begin starting to get a clearer picture but there are missing pieces yet to go and pieces still out of place.

Wolves’ Blood: Plague, is Book two….the next 666 pieces.
I am working to fill up this manuscript from a complete outline. As you progress and finish book two, pieces will all start to fit together.

After you read book three, now 999 pieces fall into place. You are starting to see the whole picture completed now as I have an extremely detailed outline of book three.

If you didn’t notice, I left out 1 piece. Well The missing piece is a separate but connected story I have.
Wolf’s Blood