My characters & the emotional upheaval in the trilogy of Wolves’ Blood

Mikhail Kerrigan’s Wolf’s Blood
Paperback, hardback or Ebook
There are many myths & legends when it comes to Lycanthropy but it all starts with the blood
Detective Jonathan Jenkins is an emotional damaged figure. An alcoholic Who takes his orders from the ghost of his son Philip.
The tabloid reporter Amy Anderson &
Captain Thompson Rogers. He is a proud man with a wife & son but Recent confinements thrust his wife & his exmistress Amy Anderson together.
the handicapped James (A character close to my heart) with an ancient rite is changing. with the blood Flowing through his veins his left arm and leg are whole again. Tosha & Hannah…
Last but not least is Sarah Poirier. The genetic perfect ancestor of Alicia & The object of Aticus’ obsession (Who is horribly Scared, disfigured & has his own demons he is fighting!)



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