This picture gives me flashbacks of my youth & Wolf’s Blood

This picture reminds me of my youth…
When I would Run I would think that it would be easier if I ran on all fours!
I Would get inebriated untill I was “out of my mind” & I would wander off on all fours though yard after yard. Wondering on all fours though alleyways looking for a good place to lie down. To look up at the moon & stars until I pass out. Finally finding a good hiding place & Lying down in the fetal position till morn… Nobody stopped me, nobody found me & it was a release of my “wild side”…Wolf’s Blood so a work of fiction BUT…. So some pages are directly inspired By my Hijinks

ARRIVAL & the first of a trilogy
A combining & merging of the Best myths & legends in lycanthropy all rowed up into one…

Mikhail Kerrigan’s Wolf’s Blood
Paperback, hardback or Ebook
There are many myths & legends when it comes to Lycanthropy but it all starts with blood


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