Monthly Archives: March 2015

I am starting a kickstarter campaign…I’m not Looking to get rich. High school In 1990 I feverishly worked on my script until I got sidetracked life… But a burst in my brain allowed at me he knew my dream! 

I had a genetic malformation in my brain that almost killed me… I have a fixed income a monthly disability check and a quarterly royalty check (which netted me $116.00 last quarter) that’s why I started the kick starter campaign… I have limited funds available. 

I was the lucky 4% that survived but it left me with a week left side speech impediment and I don’t spell worth a crap! Thank God for the Dragon program! Edited Was a nightmare and cost a lot of money… I actually managed to publish my first book wolf’s blood…

I’m not Looking to get rich I do this as part of my therapy (i’m now able to read instead of just listening to books & able to type!) and fulfill a promise to my late grandmother.