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The next in a trilogy

Wolves’ Blood:Plague

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 Clover my wife Who painstakingly edited my manuscript before any true editing could begin… My Brother Chris who coaxed me out of my pity party and me off of my ass… My schoolmate and friend Brian telling me about The Dragon program speech to text … Most of all mama Betty… Made a promise & I intend to keep to it…(A paperback copy of one is waiting for the others to be published before I go to Dresden Tn. To her grave to show her what I have accomplished)   

THE OWL LADY ASK FOR YOUR HELP: Please help fellow author Mikhail Kerrigan

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

IMG_4004A good friend of mine is in need of your help. His name is Mikhail Kerrigan and he is an author who started a kickstarted campaign to get funds to publish his second book. He is a very talented horror writer.

Here’s his story:
I had a genetic malformation in my brain that almost killed me… I have a fixed income a monthly disability check and a quarterly royalty check (which netted me $116.00 last quarter) that’s why I started the kick starter campaign… I have limited funds available.

I was the lucky 4% that survived but it left me with a week left side speech impediment and I don’t spell worth a crap! Thank God for the Dragon program! Edited Was a nightmare and cost a lot of money… I actually managed to publish my first book wolf’s blood…

I’m not Looking to get rich I do this as…

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Wolves’ blood-Animalcule

“When we think about the natural world we think about predator and prey relationships but one can argue that the relationship between parasite and host is even more prevalent on earth. And some parasites kill their host. It’s actually in the best interest in the parasites to keep their hosts alive. Some of the most successful parasites on earth are so difficult to kill that once the host is infected the host is condemned to a life with the monster inside them.”

-Dan Riskin, biologist

Wolves’ blood-Animalcule

“It’s intriguing that in the universe the very, very large such as a solar system looks very much like the very, very small such as an Atom. If you look inside the atoms they begin to look like the structure of the universe”