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Wolf’s Blood has blood gore & obviously Lycanthropes

Every part is like therapy… Every part is healing me in someway. I couldn’t spell a three letter word (Started out going to use Speech-Into-Text programs & having to listen to everything for corrections)

Now I can slowly peck, Spell simple words & read back what I have written… My writing is getting more complex… Coming soon part two

Wolf’s Blood has blood gore & obviously Lycanthropes…BUT it also has ghosts’ (a figment of the characters imagination or real specter you decide) A vampire who watches in earnest on the sideline (& as a bigger involvement out the saga) science-fiction science-fact sorcery & reincarnate… I said too much already, I don’t want to give more away! Book two coming soon… Book Three scrambled notes & several Word-documents have to get straightened out ( But the whole-thing is all complete in my head!)


 ARRIVAL & the first of a trilogy out

A combining & merging of the Best myths & legends in lycanthropy all rowed up into one…


Mikhail Kerrigan’s Wolf’s Blood

Paperback, hardback or Ebook

There are many myths & legends when it comes to Lycanthropy but it all starts with blood

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Out soon Wolves’ Blood: Plague