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Another Saturday Night Poet 2015 P-O-E-T- Mark Edwards

The Another Saturday Night Poet Forum 2015

Her Lips…..(by Mark A. Edwards)©

Luscious lips looking thick, sexy and succulent, each word you speak is relevant and deeply important, one kiss sends chills as it reveals emotions mental resurrection, allow me to connect to them as they open, mouth to mouth a new love devotion, now she places onto me her golden signature lipstick coloring, enticing and inviting as each kiss injects stimulation to an unnamed place, dare I be so bold to caress your hips and pull you in closer, I’m a man and a man is supposed to…..hold you tight love you right allow your luscious lips to make love throughout the night, who am I not to give credit where credit is due, for the rest of your body is equally beautiful, it’s critical I recognize your mind that the world fails to see, but always in the forefront of your Au Naturel beauty…

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The Voice of Truth Documentary INFORMATION

O the Poetic Soldier


The Voice of Truth Documentary

Here is one word, we are familiar with, FEAR.
How many times a day does FEAR enter into your mind, heart and spirit?
Yes this is, Project FEAR, You know many times, my anxiety caused FEAR to embrace me.
This world can be a scary place to live.
Communication and Trust are important tools, we should learn to use.
So many times we allow doubt, to steal our Hopes away.
On Monday August 10, 2015 to August 21, 2015 , an intervention with Fear, is about to hit the fan.
Would you like to join me on a quest to conquer fear?
Can FEAR be conquered?
I would say, It won’t hurt to call FEAR out.
On the first of your quest, gather only one tool.
Let us grab our cell phones, as soon as FEAR release its anxiety
Start recording and say, (sample), DAY…

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