Wolf’s Blood: Arrival Book One Copyright © 2014 by Mikhail Kerrigan

…With slits for glowing green eyes, his form was something out of a nightmare. His sleek black withers looked like a shadow in the scenery, and his lupine shape towered over the little goats he stalked every night. But now he pined for something other than food. The smell of a human girl hung thick in the air, and it led in the direction of the house, upstairs. He grunted steam from his nose; his ears were animated, searching for threats anywhere, swiveling at the smallest sounds. He had a short muzzle and thick shoulders, a long body and long legs. The creature’s tail stood up in dominance. Her fragrance was emanating from the upstairs of the house and it was intoxicating. This night a different aroma hung in the air somehow. He smelled a mixture of him residing in her now and it emboldened him to come closer than he ever had before…Book Two coming soon🐾
Wolf’s Blood



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