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A Lunatic’s Life


I have no strings attached to life,
I do not know if it’s a weakness or a strength!

In the beginning with the world I tried
but all I shed was my blood and tears too!
The world seemed full of lust and greed and ignorance,
with no spirits but the organs and libidos!

Then I tied the knots with the sun, I think
or thought I did but O, the arrogance,
evaporating my strings in a flash,
leaving me to drift through the universe!

So, all I am left with now is the moon,
both the world beneath the sun and the sun at nights!
This time I know, this is my strength,
for one needs no strings to live a lunatic’s life!



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Who inspires you?

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Stage One of Novel Writing: The Imagination

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Tips on Creating Settings for your Characters and Scenes.

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