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Grandmother supported me all through my teenage years. She died my world was torn apart. A 60s style make up box is all I have of my grandmothers has survived 11 moves two floods and sadly neglected. I have a host of imaginative Material to trudge At I saved


I have come to a conclusion…

“I’m bored, I’m bored I am so bored” is a phrase that infuriates me! I Have gotten through all of my life without “being bored”!
Write, draw/paint, playing a game, watch or listen to a TV/music, get up and dance, exercise. Plant flowers pick flowers watch birds Breathe deeply nature. Or just dove deep into your imagination and let your mind take you away…
I have come to a conclusion… Anyone that says they are bored is not doing life quite right!

When WOLF’S BLOOD is published I hope you will give me feedback on the many characters

Devon has a long and event full life before the pages of Wolf’s blood.. I liken and myself to Devon when I was younger so Devon went on many adventures in my mind before wolf’s blood.

As I got older I liken myself more to Vaddirr

Aticus is the antagonist has an interesting and compelling backstory that’s only scratches surface in my novel wolf’s blood.. I could feel another novel just dedicated to Aticus before he went in to his self-imposed exile.

James well I all ready posted something on James…

then there is the wisecracking cross-dressing Lance

the albino Aztecz Montezmu
and many others…

A paramedic named Cody

“I think I saw what you saw…”Dr. Jacobs paused turning his gaze away from detective Jenkins and down toward the kitchen table, “fangs and long blackened claws, but coming from this animated abomination that I thought you already shot and killed!”

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Softback, hardback or e-book

I miss the printed page, the unmistakable creak as a hardback book opens for the first time. It is tangible as you slide your palms against the hills and valleys of its rigid cover and spine. There is something about a solid physical book that can’t compare to electronic books today. The hardback book could be put away with all the other literary masterworks on your bookshelf to proudly display. Unlike e-books I could take one book or another out of the shelf and instantly be taken back to a time that I just purchased that book, memories instantly flooding back even before the book is opened. You can find first editions or a gilded edged literary masterpiece like Frankenstein, the works of Poe or Dracula and handed down from generation to generation unlike e-books.
My first experience with electronics had me sick with disappointment (as I write on my blog on my laptop! I know, I know). A brother’s word processor, a step above the typewriter but worlds below the modern computer, I hen pecked feverishly every day, religiously saving my work on a 3.5 hard diskette. Between writing longhand page after page, I trusted my life’s work on a small diskette. Then the unthinkable happened, the day my trustee friend broke down, it was the worst day of my life my word processor shot craps! I frantically ran around shop after shop trying to find a technician who could fix my Beloved, but it wasn’t meant to be my hand was dealt and I lost to the computer age. Everything I type and saved gone forever no chance of retrieval my diskette formatted for a dinosaur long since extinct.

To this day I am still bitter, and have a hard time trusting e-readers that have whole collections of novels that if my e-reader broke or is virus ridden I would never be able to read those works again. But for you and techies my novel Wolf’s blood vol 1 will still be available in an e-book format as well has the traditional paperback in hardback for your reading pleasure. Thank you

The mighty shade, Aisos


“Hail, hail the mighty shade within this circle I have made…” When I was ten years old I was inspired by a particular song this rhyme and that spawned a story about a werewolf trying to stop a demon. It was short and riddled with mistakes ( mind you I was just 8 years old ) but in the recesses of my mind the building blocks of a basic wolf’s blood trilogy were born.

“Make me a werewolf strong and bold terror alike young and old, make me a werewolf lean and spare teeth of the shark claw of the bear …” My story is long gone but fragments of it still remain and grew into my manuscript wolf’s blood… The short story coming to life and the demon morphed into Aisos mother of all lycanthropes.
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More Discarded cover ideas



Yes in this one I know I misspelled my first name… Is only going with designs & ideas it wasn’t going to print… Not that many side effects my head exploding I my afraid… Times names I’ve known for years escape me for a moment. Would be A fascinating neurological ailment if I wasn’t some times suffering from it! Have all the letters of a word but in a different order my head so I couldn’t spell it! It’s like my mind is a human Scrabble board