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Women in Horror Month 2016 – Featured Author: Terri DelCampo @TerriDelCampo #WiHM7


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Terri DelCampo


Terri DelCampo is a writer and editor at Visionary Press Collaborative as well as an admitted write-a-holic. She is the founding editor and writer of Owl’s Eye View Magazine, a dark fiction monthly offered on Amazon. Additionally she has authored seven novels and well over a dozen short story collections as Kindle Books, soon to be published in print as well. She contributes stories to, and one of her stories will appear in an up-coming multi-press anthology which she’s excited about. She insists that her personal life conjures her ooky tales, which is a somewhat disturbing thought, but then she is married to a horror writer… She believes cheese is the greatest invention of all time, and only shares hers with her closest friends and family.

You can find Terri and her work at the following places:

Twitter: @TerriDelCampo
Amazon Author Page: Terri DelCampo
Friday Frights:

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Part 1

    Dedicated to Theia

O, this great failure of my human birth,
a tale, fourteen billion years old at least,
of the big bang and all that followed since,
the expansion, atoms and early stars,
ten billion years later birth of the sun,
the amassing of the remaining dusts
with lava on top and molten metal
at the spinning core, the magnetic field,
the impact of Theia, the birth of the moon,
the axial tilt of the earth, the seasons
and the gradual lengthening of the days,
the emergence of protein in the seas
and oxygen, the mother of all life,
resulting in the birth of humankind!


To Be Continued…

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